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Merrilyn McGee with orchids

.....opened in 1979 as a small family owned general nursery which carried a small range of orchids as specialty items. Over the years the range and number of orchids grew until by 1993 we were able to close down the general nursery and concentrate exclusively on producing flowering cymbidium pot plants for retail sale and wholesale distribution. During this time the shadehouse and glasshouse space grew to its current 4,500 square metres, which carry in excess of 250,000 plants in various stages of development. Throughout the years the orchid farm has remained a family concern operated entirely by Merrilyn and Brenton McGee.

mass display of orchids

A policy to select and grow only those orchids which were at the cutting edge of breeding and development meant that the variety, productivity and quality of the flowering display offered to the general public was unequalled anywhere else in Australia. A selective breeding program aimed at continuing this development was begun in 1994 and has produced promising lines for the future including the sensational new Pioneer Boutique range.

Located on the Bellarine Peninsula, ten minutes from Geelong, Pioneer Orchid Farm is an unforgettable sight during the flowering season when orchids in bloom are sold direct to the public at bargain prices. During this time every year the orchid farm is open from 9.30 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week, from late June until the end of November.


display of orchids
display of orchids
display of wholesale orchids
Retail sales display
Part of the sales display
Wholesale orders

Buffy, the labradoodle, with orchids
Buffy, the family labradoodle, is a favourite with customers. She appeared in this photo and article featuring the nursery in the "Geelong Advertiser".

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