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Flask of seedlings

Every magnificent Pioneer orchid begins its life in the laboratory. The worlds finest pot plant varieties are cloned by taking a microscopic sized specimen of stem cell tissue from the parent plant and growing it in a sterile flask in the laboratory until it is a big enough clump of tissue to cut into small pieces. In the test tube each of these pieces will grow into a perfect copy of the original plant. This micro division can continue until there are literally thousands of clones ready to remove from flasks. The plants at this stage range in size from 6cm leaf length down to 1 cm.

community pots

We plant from flask directly into coarse orchid bark, ten small plants to a 15 cm pot and allow them to grow for two seasons. By this time they are solid 30 cm high plants, some forming secondary growths or leads. Our next step is to pot them singly into their final pots, 20cm size and they will remain in these pots until they reach flowering size and are suitable for selling. This may take up to 3 more seasons.

small section of shadehouse

Conventional methods would see another one or even two intermediate stages of potting up during this process and this might produce quicker results, but with only two people processing up to twenty thousand plantings a year this is not possible.

Pioneer Boutique seedling

Thousands of flowering orchid plants are shipped to wholesale outlets in Melbourne during each season and thousands more are sold direct to the public from our large retail display area.

glasshouse aisle view

The spectacular flowering display from June to November is breathtaking and is one of the must see sights for all visitors to the region.

Hybrid Seedlings
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