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Photo Gallery 1

Seedlings we have flowered.  Small plants of Pioneer Valencia, and flowering size plants of Cappuccino, Valley Olympic and Swan Bay are available for the 2013 season. For various reasons none of the other varieties were suitable for cloning and so are not available. 


* click on the name of the orchid for a larger image.

image of Pioneer Valencia 'Brilliant'
image of Pioneer 'Cappuccino'
image of Bellarine Gold
Bellarine Gold
image of Red Planet
image of Valley Olympic 'Pioneer'
image of Pioneer 'Swan Bay'
Red Planet
Valley Olympic 'Pioneer'
Pioneer 'Swan Bay'
image of Pioneer 'Kermit'
image of Pioneer 'Velvet'
image of Sarah Jean 'Shon'
Pioneer 'Kermit'
Pioneer 'Velvet'
Sarah Jean 'Shon'

Photo Gallery 2 - Mericlones

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