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Photo Gallery 2

Some cloned varieties we have readily available at "Pioneer"....

* click on the name of the orchid for a larger image.

image of Jurassic Amber 'Rex'
image of Without Peer 'SoftTouch'
image of Valley Sovereign 'Fine Gold'
Jurassic Amber 'Rex'
Without Peer 'Soft Touch'
Valley Sovereign 'Fine Gold'
image of Sleeping Nymph 'Fuji'
image of Black Flame 'Starburst'
image of Merv Dunn 'Awesome'
Sleeping Nymph 'Fuji'
Black Flame 'Starburst'
Merv Dunn 'Awesome'
image of Pure Aztec
image of Valley Vampire 'Blood'
image of Pioneer Patricia 'Midday Sun'
Pure Aztec
Valley Vampire 'Blood'
Valley Splash 'Aurora'

Photo Gallery 1 - Seedlings

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